Attack Of The 50ft Woman


Daryl Hannah in a bikini. Comedy icon Christopher Guest in the director’s chair. A really tall lady. At first glance, the 1993 Attack Of The 50ft Woman remake seems to have a lot going for it. Before you buy, though, please be warned: in the cold light of day, this megachick-flick holds little appeal.

Campy fun in places (especially the King Kong-flavoured final rampage), but mostly big-time dull and talky, Woman sees Hannah as Nancy Archer, an oppressed and frigid young wife who discovers true girl-power after a close encounter of the alien laser-beam kind. Unfortunately, Nancy’s road to empowerment is paved with a wad of tiresome whinging and psycho-babble, which zaps a lot of the enjoyment out of this supposed B-movie homage and will have viewers yearning for the shoddy simplicity of the far more entertaining original. Not even the decent-enough effects can save this fallen Woman.


Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 9th 2006

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