Austin Powers In Goldmember


This has no right to be funny. Certainly not this funny. After all, how many times can Austin's whopping libido raise a laugh? How many times can the same characters be wheeled out before the wheels come off? And how many times can MikeMyers dream up new characters to play?

Well, on this evidence, the answer is at least three. The most consistently funny entry in the franchise, AP3 pits our sexy spy (Myers) against old nemesis Evil (Myers again) and new baddie Goldmember (take a frickin' guess), a Dutch perv with no genitalia. His mission? To team up with the slinky Foxxy (Destiny's Child's Beyoncé Knowles) to rescue his dad (Michael Caine). And save the world...

From its cameo-laden, laugh-'til-you-barf opening to its ingenious, piss-taking ending, Goldmember never lets up. This is a movie that revels in being puerile, wringing its chuckles from brutal beatings, smutty innuendos and bodily functions. But don't let that blind you to Myers' genius. With Murphy, Murray and Carrey all flailing, he now lays claim to being the funniest guy in movies. Even if he did have to resurrect Fat Bastard.

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