Back To The Future Trilogy Box Set


Time may not have been kind to the history-hopping DeLorean's coolness quotient, but it's done wonders for the rest of the Back To The Future trilogy.

Okay, so the first chapter now whiffs of shallow '80s materialism, but the slick execution and ingeniousness of the central concept - time-travelling boy meets girl, who turns out to be his mum, thereby endangering his own existence - ensure it classic status.

Part Two is marginally inferior but remains a delirious head-shaft, recreating and subverting most of the events of the first movie. Meanwhile, the exuberant last instalment still benefits from shifting the focus to Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), while winking repeatedly in the direction of classic Westerns of yesteryear.

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    • captainchod

      Nov 10th 2009, 12:27


      The films themselves deserve every one of these 5 stars.

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