Bad Boys II


Bigger, brasher and better than its curiously popular 1995 buddy-cop precursor, Michael Bay's first post-Pearl Harbor gig gives us Action Comedy as Epic revealing a helmer in love with guns, slo-mo, elaborate set-piece violence and himself.

With more pointlessly ostentatious direction than you can swoop a jump-cut crash zoom on, it makes James Cameron look like Andrei Tarkovsky (Russian director of Solaris, the original and famously slow 1972 sci-fier), although Bay isn't half the storyteller of either man. The Cuban-based US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay is where the tortuous narrative eventually ends up, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's mismatched rozzers tracing America's drug problem to the usual sorry-assed assortment of Latin types.

Co-written by Dark Blue director Ron Shelton, Bad Boys II is right-wing, homophobic and hypocritical. But, as with most Jerry Bruckheimer productions, it's also fast-paced and infuriatingly entertaining.

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