Bad Santa


He's incontinent, screws women in the Big And Tall store changing-room and the only Christmas spirit he's full of comes in bottles. Yes kids, it's Santa! An antidote to the mulled mawkishness of Miracle On 34th Street, Billy Bob Thornton plays anti-Attenborough Willie, a self-loathing safe-cracker who robs the malls he works in with partner-in-crime Marcus (Tony Cox). Only a barmaid with a Santa fetish (Lauren Graham) and a kindly Christmas turkey of a kid (Brett Kelly) can show Willie the Yuletide way... sort of.

Conceived by the Coens, helmed by misanthropist specialist Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World, Crumb) and finally released after a two-year gap to salute the (anti) Christmas market, Bad Santa is a crude, un-PC, slightly one-dimensional, yet frequently hilarious genre-bender, providing more bad-taste laughs than telling your niece Santa's got leprosy.


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