Bad Timing


“A sick film made by sick people for sick people,” was the famously disgusted reaction of Rank Film Distributors when they saw the flick they’d bankrolled. In these stronger-stomached days Bad Timing doesn’t seem all that sick – but this tale of an ill-starred love affair is a touch over-tricksy. In Vienna, rational psychologist Alex (Art Garfunkel) gets embroiled with the passionate Milena (Theresa Russell). But what at first seemed like uninhibited sensuality soon turns to obsession, and when Milena is found overdosed in ambiguous circumstances, implacable cop Harvey Keitel starts tailing Alex. Helmer Nic Roeg brings his fractured editing style and habitual intelligence to bear on this psycho-erotic thriller. But the jumbled time sequences and cutting that fitted his earlier films like Don’t Look Now seem overly contrived for this relatively thin yarn. Extras are limited to a few deleted scenes, which means we’re denied the interviews that accompanied Criterion’s Region 1 release.


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