By far the most accomplished of Disney's early films, Bambi was remade as The Lion King, but more than 60 years on, the original's frisky resonance shows no sign of fading.

In these days of soulless CGI, there's a crackle of hand-crafted magic about the visuals: all blossoming brush-strokes alive with marvel. The effect is intoxicating, whereas with Pixar perfection there can be a tendency to admire, not embrace. The pacing is beautiful - effortless skips between light and dark that don't feel fussy. The key death scene loses none of its horror for being off-screen but, directly after, there's a hopeful section where spring breaks and all the birdies sing. Far from being easy melodrama, death is presented as all part of the deal - but the final hint that life will find a way now has a naïve edge.

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