Beavis And Butthead: Volume II


Hur-hur! Hur-hur! It seems bizarre that this pair of ugly assholes briefly threatened The Simpsons as the biggest cartoon in the world. Mike Judge’s two dozy high-school metallers are a fairly one-trick band, especially when divorced from the music video interludes that punctuated their shows (12 videos have been segregated onto one disc as part of the flimsy extras package). But while it’s all pretty indigestible in one sitting, the three-disc Volume 2 can be cherry-picked for some classics – Buttniks, featuring the return of Cornholio, and botched drug score Spanish Fly pick out the rough origins of the subtle satirical stabs that would turn Judge’s later King Of The Hill into a geniune rival for Homer and co.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 26th 2007

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