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Short films, like short stories, are perfectly suited to our scurrying, need-it-yesterday, blue-arsed-fly culture. So it's a shame they remain buried away on excellent but obscure little compilation DVDs when they should be queuing up outside the rejigged iTunes Music Store - with Mr Video iPod all set to snaffle.

Ironically, this is an all-too-short rack of award-winning film-ettes courtesy of Brit indie stalwarts Shooting People. Stand-outs are Family Portrait, a withering 15-minute doc zooming in on how a tightly bonded family overcomes sudden tragedy, and Two Cars, One Night, in which a group of kids dumped outside a restaurant spirit up a lot more fun than their thoughtless parents can manage inside.

But the piece that most screams, 'Give this man a feature!' is Joe Lawlor's Who Killed Brown Owl, a dreamy, one-shot meander around a suburban murder-mystery montage. Think Jarvis Cocker apeing Scorsese in the style of Bruegel. All in 10 cosy minutes.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 5th 2005

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