Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre


In 1937, the Japanese army decimated the Chinese city of Nanking, systematically raping, torturing and murdering more than 300,000 civilians. You can learn about this oft-forgotten 20th-century atrocity in Iris Chang’s book The Rape Of Nanking. Or, courtesy of director TF Mou, you can settle for 90 minutes of relentless wall-to-wall slaughter. Men are decapitated, girls raped, elderly people riddled with bullets, a baby is thrown into boiling water and (in an image gleefully pimped on the DVD sleeve) a pregnant woman suffers abortion-by-bayonet in a scene that would make Tom Savini green with envy/bile. Despite Mou’s earnest quasi-documentary stylings (the carnage is intercut with historical footage, photos and title-card fact-blasts) and occasionally startling imagery (thousands of corpses torched in a curtain of fire), shock-factor and propaganda trump any real sense of human tragedy. Definitely the least fun you’ll have this month.


Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 25th 2006

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