Blood Simple


Make what you will of Zhang Yimou’s curious remake of the Coen Brother's classic

Blood Simple review

Existing in the same bonkers alt-universe as Takashi Miike’s bewildering ‘noodle western’ remake Sukiyaki Western Django (2007), director Zhang Yimou’s (Hero, House Of Flying Daggers) redux of the Coens’ piercing 1984 neo-noir debut transposes the action from the Deep South to feudal China, of all places. 

The original story – about a bar owner who employs a hitman to off his cheating wife and her lover, with darkly farcical consequences – could play anywhere, but replacing the clammy tension and wry poise of the original with zany sub-Jackie Chan slapstick results in little more than a fun, if cartoonishly hollow curio.

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