Bowling For Columbine


Michael Moore’s sprawling exploration of US gun culture won Best Doc at the Oscars. It should have been up for Best Picture.

Why do the Yanks keep shooting each other? The rotund satirist points a chubby finger at racism, media hysteria and state-sponsored violence – an issue he underlined at his post-Oscar press conference, as US/UK troops invaded Iraq: “What was the lesson we taught the children of Columbine this week? That violence is an acceptable means to resolve a conflict.”

Serious stuff, but the reason Moore rankles with the Right is because he isn’t serious-minded – some of the footage here could be out of a Monty Python sketch. “I use a pen because the pen is mightier than the sword,” says one hick. “But I keep a sword because sometimes the pen fails.” Sigh.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2003

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