Boxcar Bertha


Since Martin Scorsese's Hollywood entrance proper was made a year before the mighty Mean Streets, it's probably fair to warn you not to expect something of that calibre or personality. It was produced by schlockmeister Roger Corman, for starters, who clearly had one eye on his genre formula and the other on a Bonnie And Clyde-style slow-burning success rather than anything deeper.

Still, a youthful-looking Barbara Hershey and a truculent David Carradine aren't all bad as the Depression-era union activists forced into train robbery, and the sexual spark between them is downright saucy. You can also see the young Marty's imprint in the almost musical direction, brutal finale and religious symbolism. It's a fascinating snapshot of talents in the B-movie raw, then, while not being entirely great in its own right.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 1st 2004

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