Having turned down Dirty Harry, a cancer-ravaged John Wayne tried to make up for his mistake by muscling in on Clint's hard-edged aggro-cop act with this workaday policer.

Cast as the sort of screw-the-rules Chicago rozzer who only ever barks his surname, he clashes cultures with stiff-upper-lip Brits after travelling to London to extradite a goon (John Vernon) that the silly buggers have let loose on bail. "Brannigan, this is not Chicago!" exclaims Commander Swann (Dickie Attenborough). "I know," comes Duke's deadpan response. "You can't get a decent hamburger anywhere."

Sort of The Sweeney meets True Grit, it's amiable enough, with Wayne's formidable screen charisma ever evident. But he struggles with the stunts - creaking almost as much as the script - and only two films followed (craggy Westerns Rooster Cogburn and The Shootist) before he finally clashed with the one foe he couldn't lick: the big C.

Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 1st 2004

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