Breakfast On Pluto


Irish orphan Pat Braden (Cillian Murphy) is consumed by two passions: finding the mother who dumped his baby self on the doorstep of the local priest and being as flamboyantly fabulous as possible. Despite his foster mum's abhorrence at his love of make-up and glitter, Patrick grows into transvestite 'Kitten' and embarks on a tour of '60s and '70s Ireland and London, taking in IRA loons, pub bombings, prostitution and... work as a Womble.

Director Neil Jordan and Murphy are endearingly earnest in their belief in the material, as evidenced in the no-frills Making Of and eloquent chat- track. But an overlong running time, contrived quirks (narration from a pair of robins) and a strong sense of Velvet Goldmine-style déjà vu make this a whimsical, intermittently amusing, acquired taste.

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