Broken Flowers


Using clapperboard shots and outtakes, Jim Jarmusch takes his minimalist approach to filmmaking to new heights in a Start To Finish featurette that compresses his entire movie into seven-and-a-half minutes. A great idea, it should be standard issue on every disc. Back to the full-length: having just been dumped by his latest lover, ageing 'Don Juan' Don Johnston (Bill Murray) finds that not even the arrival of a mysterious pink letter informing him he's got a 19-year-old son can dent his emotional inertia.

Spurred into action by his pushy neighbour (Jeffrey Wright), Don embarks on a cross-country odyssey, visiting four old flames to discover who might have sent it. A subtle, richly nuanced film of long, uncomfortable silences, repressed feelings and few answers, it's anchored by another deadpan performance from Murray and fine comic turns from Sharon Stone and Alexis Dziena as her jailbait daughter, the aptly named Lolita.

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