Brothers Of The Head


Lost In La Mancha directors Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe’s oddly affecting mockumentary purports to pick up 30 years on from where an unfinished Ken Russell film (Two-Way Romeo) left off. Based on a Brian Aldiss novel, it tells of conjoined twin punkers Barry and Tom Howe.

Laced with a gloomy, faintly ghoulish air of sideshow voyeurism, the resulting mash-up of stock footage, dramatic reconstruction and talking head(s) occasionally falls foul of the very exploitation it’s criticising. However, the usual stumbling blocks for retro rock docs – namely mid-’70s pub gig sequences that conjure all the sweat-soaked fervour of a village hall bake-sale – are swerved here, as the simmering resentment of the subtly disparate debut leads (brothers Luke and Harry Treadaway) carries us into the inevitably tragic meltdown. A necessarily tactful commentary ticks the requisite boxes, but Brothers remains chiefly notable for uncovering two fresh-faced future stars of similarly gritty, low-budget Brit fare.


Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 22nd 2007

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