Bruce Lee 30th Anniversary Commemorative Boxed Set


Funny, confident, charismatic and graceful, Bruce Lee was a 24-carat movie star. Most of his films, however (the not-included-here Enter The Dragon is the arse-kicking exception), were brass-plated at best.

The Big Boss, Way Of The Dragon and Fist Of Fury are crammed with tooth-grindingly dumb slapstick, clichéd set-ups and some really, really bad acting from the hammy Hong Kong bit-parters that studio Golden Harvest surrounded Lee with. But despite what blinkered aficionados claim, these dated films simply provide a framework for Lee's performances in general and his hypnotic, brilliant combat set-pieces in particular. The latter make them must-buys, even if the rest is fast-forward fodder. Plus, these are all uncut versions of the movies, featuring the trademark nunchaku fights that the BBFC has finally decided are safe for us to see.

And Game Of Death? Using unfinished footage for Lee's final film, Golden Harvest cobbled together a dumb thriller using Lee lookalikes and outtakes from the other movies. That thumping noise? Lee spinning and roundhouse-kicking in his grave...

Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 1st 2003

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