Bugsy Malone: Sing-A-Long Edition


If Shakespeare wasn’t being a metaphorical git and all the world actually was a stage, that world would be exactly like 1976’s Bugsy Malone. It’s eternally Prohibition-time Chicago (minus the prohibited alcohol), you’re forever 13 and no-one ever really dies, though anyone with dairy allergies would be advised to walk the straight and narrow. What kid hasn’t dreamt about living within its charmed universe, hanging out with hoodlum Bugsy (Scott Baio), his gal Blousey (Florrie Dugger) and vampy Talullah (Jodie Foster)?

This being a ‘Sing-A-Long’ edition, it’s all about the gimmick. The major difference from the last Bugsy edition being... subtitles. Of course, these only appear for those moments when the cast breaks into song, the words lighting up on cue for you to warble along to. Too immature for you? Then play director Alan Parker’s wonderfully wry 2003 chat-track to discover how a splurge gun actually works.


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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 26th 2007

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