Burke & Hare


Pegg and Serkis make for a fun duo as the infamous grave-robbers

Burke & Hare review

The true tale of the notorious grave-robbers/murderers of 1820s Edinburgh gets the jokey treatment from John Landis.

Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis are the eponymous Irish corpse-peddlers, here portrayed as loveable chancers.

Various famous faces (Christopher Lee, Jenny Agutter, Stephen Merchant) pop up in cameos, while Ronnie Corbett struts amusingly as a pompous half-pint militia captain.

Some of the humour feels forced, but gore and period colour are ladled on generously.

After a decade-long big-screen hiatus, it’s good to see Landis back again, even if An American Werewolf In London seems a long time ago.

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