Calendar Girls


In a world of fake mammaries and liposuctioned thighs, relief comes in the form of Calendar Girls. In this semi-true tale, ladies who've seen the best side of 40 let it all hang out - and, believe us, the sight of wobbly bums and droopy boobs makes for a pleasant change in our youth-obsessed culture.

Julie Walters is terrific as Annie, a Women's Institute member who loses hubby (John Alderton) to leukaemia. Best mate Chris (a salty Helen Mirren) hits on the idea of a nude WI calendar to raise funds to combat the disease. And before you can say "Look at that cellulite", the women are posing for piccies in the raw.

Interesting to watch a film where blokes are sidelined (husbands are inevitably dozy prats) and the girls make a success of things on their terms. Okay, so the happy ending seems more than a little forced, but Calendar Girls is going to make a lot of mums feel great.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 1st 2004
  • Genre

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