Canadian Bacon


Leaving his usual door-stepping docu-mode, Michael Moore takes a shot at satire with this lightweight comedy.

It's based around the farcical scenario (well, it was in 1995) that an American president (Alan Alda) could attempt to shore up his sliding ratings by starting a war with a foreign country. Caught up in the anti-Canada conflict are local Niagara Falls residents, including John Candy's dumb-but-good-hearted sheriff and Rhea Perlman's grouchy deputy, who decide to invade the "fiends" up north.

This is Mike on autopilot, with swipes at big business, government, citizens' rights and the gullibility of the average Yank. Sporadically funny, it's likeable stuff and goes a long way to prove Moore doesn't just do docs.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 1st 2004

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