Cannibal: The Musical


Before South Park's Stan, Cartman and co were even a foul-mouthed sketch, co-creator Trey Parker made this: a weird, ramshackle, screw-loose musical. Based on a true story (so it claims), Cannibal follows Alferd Packer (Parker) and his ill-fated bunch of gold prospectors on a tune-laden search for the yellow stuff in Colorado. Their journey is hindered by evil trappers, pesky local tribesmen and Packer's utter idiocy. Well, that and the fact that they try to eat each other.

Shot on a shoestring budget that couldn't even afford the shoestring, it has sporadic entertainment value thanks to Parker's trademark excesses - prepare yourselves for veiled suggestions of bestiality, lashings of gore and playground-level jokes. One thing's for sure, though: the man can't half write a song, with most of the OTT warbling here proving hummable, brain-itching stuff.

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