Captain America: The First Avenger


Marvel goes to war...

1942: patriotic everyman Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to serve his country. One problem: he’s a 90lb asthmatic who can’t see over the steering wheel. Enter mad scientist Stanley Tucci and his super-soldier serum…

As you’d expect from Joe Johnston – the director of The Rocketeer – everything looks, sounds and feels just right for a nostalgic Saturday-matinee adventure.

The action’s impressive and the cast make the best of it, but 2D characters and a messy second half feel too much like flicking through the comics without reading them.

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    • FBSHarrigan

      Mar 25th 2012, 16:27

      This is definitely a movie worth owning because it is the best type of summer blockbuster. It is fun, exciting, and well directed, has great costumes and a powerful cast, and it can also be very funny at points. This was a movie where the self awareness was very light and not smug. Hugo Weaving performs wonderfully as the Red Skull; he pretty much steals the show as an amazingly insane villain. This film captures the old Captain America comcis perfectly. There was plenty of Nazi punching and super soldier antics. This is an origin story for the Captain too, so even people who were not fans of the comics can enjoy it. The film is all around enjoyable and is great to have on hand to watch multiple times. This film also set the stage for Marvel's long anticipated Avengers movie. This trailer for the Avengers would not have nearly as much impact without all the buildup, and Captain America was the perfect one to set the stage.

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