Car Wash


We all know the theme tune, but how many of us have seen the film? A sleeper hit in 1976, Michael Schultz's ensemble comedy now feels dated but still exudes anarchic energy. Set at LA's Dee-Luxe Car Wash ("The best hand job in town!"), the movie has zero ambition beyond depicting a day in the life of the predominantly black employees and their screwy clientele. The former include Bill Duke's angry activist and Antonio 'Huggy Bear' Fargas' drag queen (groundbreaking for its day); the latter number Richard Pryor's swaggering evangelist and The Pointer Sisters.

The abundance of characters eventually becomes wearing (blame screenwriter Joel Schumacher), but the result was massively influential - Barbershop wouldn't have been made without it.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 1st 2003

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