Cary Grant Boxset


Twenty-one Cary Grant pictures brought together in one box: from the relatively inconsequential (Blonde Venus) to the iconic (Charade). Admirers of the erstwhile Archibald Leach will probably already own the best titles included in this collection: Hawks’ sublime screwballer Bringing Up Baby, Hitchcock’s suave noir Suspicion and George Stevens’ rousing Boy’s Own adventure Gunga Din – the latter seeing Grant murder a Cockney accent in the name of the British Empire. He’s at it again in the curious None But The Lonely Heart, as an Eastender on his uppers. It’s a diverting attempt by Grant to muddy up his polished persona, but he needn’t have bothered... While his apparently effortless performances may have only been good enough for an honorary Oscar, Grant now stands tall as one of the greatest ever actors – a comic genius who was unafraid to play on his dark good looks for sinister effect. Peerless.


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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 4th 2007

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