Chicken Little


Anyone wishing to lose weight for the summer should consider emulating indefatigable Chicken Little director Mark Dindal, a very skinny man who can be seen eating in almost every frame of the extras, as he guides us enthusiastically through the CG animation process. (The other, less inspiring additions comprise deleted sequences, sketches, repetitious music videos and an unbearable trivia quiz.)

The family film itself offers a mildly comic postmodern take on the well-worn, cry-wolf-style fable about the sky falling in. Here, the chunk of sky is not an acorn but a tile from a spaceship and our nebbishy wee hero (voiced by Zach Braff) must prove himself to win back his single-father's love. Movie references abound for undemanding grown-ups, from spoofs of King Kong and War Of The Worlds to digs at old Disney flicks, but the real selling-point is the startling picture quality that'll have you eyeing up a high-def TV...

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