Cinderella (Special Edition)


Long before the advent of ASBO, Cinderella showed us the dangers of staying out past your curfew. Not only do you blow your chances with Prince Charming, but you lose your high-concept shoes on the way home. Luckily for Cinders, her Prince wasn’t that easy to shake off and the story became an instant classic for Disney in 1950. It was a much-needed return to form for the studio after lavish flops Pinocchio and Fantasia left them $4 million in debt.

In keeping with other recent Disney Special Editions, Cinderella gets the full glitz. Masses of backstory from both critics and the film’s surviving animators and a clever reconstruction of the deleted scenes, with the original storyboards set to music. For Disney Channel viewers, there’s also a ‘princess’ makeover for the presenter of the notorious Mike’s Super Short Show. Thank heaven for little girls.


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