Citizen Kane Special Edition


What can we tell you about Citizen Kane you don't already know? And what can this new Special Edition add to a film that's been analysed, debated and dissected more than any other length of celluloid? Not a lot, perhaps. But if you're not convinced that Orson Welles' 1941 masterpiece is one of the greatest movies ever made - yes, even better than Revenge Of The Nerds, - this bumper package should change your mind.

Why? Well, even if you ignore Gregg Toland's innovative photography, the revolutionary sound design and the visionary editing, how can you overlook the performances of Welles and his Mercury Players, Herman J Mankiewicz's brilliant script or the technical trickery? Whether you read it as an allegory for the American Dream, a biopic of William Randolph Hearst or a fledgling film noir, Kane remains a source of fascination and inspiration. Oh, and it's a rattling good yarn, too.

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