Clash Of The Titans


Ray Harryhausen's celluloid swansong, new to DVD, has it all: imperious Greek gods, a menagerie of mythical creatures, fantastical, timeless fable and the tried-and-tested staple of handsome hero versus snake-haired evil, all meshed together with Harryhausen's legendary stop-motion aceness. The work of The Master has inspired countless special-effects artists to follow in his creatures' creepy, halting footsteps and Titans is a prime example of his talent.

Director Desmond Davis skilfully blends Harryhausen's animagic with some surprisingly soulful live-action performances. The effects may be a little... eccentric in comparison to today's CG blowouts, but the technical simplicity is compensated for by masses of craft and soul.

Shame, then, that Warners have wheeled out such a decrepit duo of extras: a patchy 'Map Of Myths And Monsters' gallery and - the only keeper - a footage-crammed chat with Harryhausen, where he's fascinating on everything from technical troubles to casting and European location-scouting. We can only hope there's a Special Edition/Harryhausen box set soon...

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