Claude Chabrol Box-set


Godard and Truffaut were the megastars, but it was a far more enigmatic Cahiers-critic-turned-filmmaker who lit the French New Wave fuse. Motored by a Hitchcock addiction, Claude Chabrol unleashed 40 years of cool cinematic dissections of humanity's darkest fears and desires. And of the eight films in this box-set, we have three of his absolute best: twisty lesbian-thriller Les Biches (channelling Hitch through Lang), the taut, tender killer-thriller Le Boucher (Chabrol's Shadow Of A Doubt) and vengeful psycho-thriller La Femme Infidèle (exquisite proof that marriage is murder).


There's further lust, betrayal, death, guilt and icy intellectualism in Que La Bête Meure (destiny and revenge collide in hit-and-run drama), Nada (terrorists, kidnap, politics) and Juste Avant La Nuit (accidental S&M moida), while Les Noces Rouges (once-banned tale based on a real murder) and Madame Bovary (late-career academic adap) are the only fumbles.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 17th 2006

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