Cold Fever


Madcap and moving in equal measure, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's road movie revolves around Hirata (Masatoshi Mystery Train Nagase), a Tokyo fishmonger who forsakes a two-week golfing holiday in Hawaii to perform funeral rights for his parents in a snow-caked Iceland. Arriving first in Reykjavik, Hirata embarks on a chaotic journey across this sparsely populated country that takes in cowboys, a funeral photographer, ram's eyeballs, ice mountains, geysers and lots and lots of singing.

The indigenous folk he meets en route are largely warm and wonderful; it's only Jack (Fisher Stevens) and Jill (Lili Taylor), a pair of squabbling, convenience-store-robbing Americans, who cause him any real harm. At 82 minutes, this is a short but surprisingly humane trip, made even more involving by the stunning landscape photography. You'll be booking your holiday as soon as the credits roll.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 20th 2004

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