Conan The Destroyer


Arnie the shonky barbarian

Conan review

Shot as a hard-R by The Vikings director Richard Fleischer before being softened in the edit suite, this swords ‘n’ sorcery sequel lacks the sex, violence and frown lines of John Milius’ barbarian original.

Four months before going iconic as the T-800, Arnie finds himself a loincloth and on a quest with a gang of weirdo fantasy clichés: Grace Jones as an Amazonian warrior, 7ft basketball player Wilt Chamberlain as a treacherous bodyguard and 15-year-old Olivia d’Abo as a jailbait princess.

Still, legendary DoP Jack Cardiff does his best to camouflage the shonky FX and at least it’s not Red Sonja.

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