Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Fourth Season


Continuing to follow exasperated miserabilist Larry David as he turns more molehills into mountains, Season Four maintains Curb’s basic premise: Larry effortlessly offends, miscommunications escalate, disaster ensues. That the formula remains fairly fresh is helped by the excellence of the improv, the contrived genius of the plotting and a not-overdone seasoning of sly, unflattering, cameos from – amongst others – Mel Brooks, Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer and Gina Gershon.

This time around, two plot arcs propel the series: Larry’s surprise casting in The Producers and his upcoming tenth wedding anniversary – an event possibly on the verge of ruin from an old promise that Larry can sleep with one other woman, just once, before the big day.

David himself remains one of sitcom’s most monstrous creations, as socially unskilled as a man with $200 million dollars in the bank from re-runs of Seinfeld can be. But still, no extras at all? That’s just miserly.

BEST BIT: Larry, concerned by his dental hygienist’s lack of discretion regarding his plaque, rants to his wife... but somehow ends up defending the size of his penis.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 26th 2005

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