Dahmer: The Cannibal


Jeffrey Dahmer was a predatory, calculating maniac who, with chilling regularity, lured men back to his bedsit where he'd drug, rape, drill and dismember them. He also dabbled in necrophilia and cannibalism. No doubt about it, the man was offensive. Curiously, this movie isn't.

Yet another entry in the increasingly crowded serial killer sub-genre (Ed Gein, Bundy), Dahmer's coming-of-rage is familiar stuff: spooky, secluded teenager turns psycho-banana with scrolling delusions of invincibility. Jeremy Renner gives a hushed performance as Dahmer, all low lids and ghosted psychosis, and the timewarped structure ensures a jumbled, bad-dream feel.

It's watchable enough - an arthouse TV movie of the week with chaste bloodletting and rustling atmospherics - but the psychological paddling into Dahmer's motivations is sleepy, procedural and pretty trivial.

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