Dans Ma Peau


Opening up old wounds - and creating several new ones in the process - Dans Ma Peau takes self-harming into the realms of Cronenbergian body horror. Part nightmare movie about a woman's fascination with cutting her own skin, part philosophical investigation into the limits of identity, it's a minimalist kitchen-sink chiller.

Filmmaker Marina de Van stars as scab-picking heroine Esther, an alienated Parisian office worker stuck in a failing relationship. After gashing her leg at a party, Esther finds herself increasingly divorced from both body and mind and starts slicing'n'dicing her arms and legs in an autoerotic dance of death that quick-steps towards self-cannibalism and outright oblivion. Peeling back the skin to gaze inside the body, de Van's giddily grim debut hails the new flesh with icy detachment - but it's far too clinical to really shock.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 24th 2005
  • Genre

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