Blind vengeance from a lawyer who takes the law into his own hands (or billyclub) in the dark alleyways of New York's mean streets? That'll be Daredevil, then.

Widely considered the red-headed stepchild of the current Marvel movie family, Mark Steven Johnson's fan-specific effort never quite hits the peaks of X-Men or Spider-Man. But don't write it off that easily. For while there are dubious moments (log-fire love alert!) and a somewhat mixed tone, Johnson's brave adap largely echoes the dark core of the source material, unafraid to get grit in its leather-clad knees. This is a noirish, faithful conversion that shares a spot-on comics sensibility with its superhero stablemates - and, in Colin Farrell's OTT Bullseye, it also gives us a belting baddie.

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