Dear Wendy


Another slice of slightly questionable Americana-bashing from the pen of Denmark's adult terrible, Lars Von Trier, this allegorical Western is shorter and less bombastic than his own Dogville - but sadly less landmark for it. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg (Festen), it tells of Dick (Jamie Bell), an aimless, sensitive young soul in a mining community who finds focus when he comes across an antique gun in a local store, christens it Wendy and then forms the 'Dandies', a group of like-minded misfits who meet in a mine to play dress-up and worship their weaponry. They proclaim themselves pacifists, promise never to fire their guns in public and you know exactly how it's going to end -bloodily. The climactic gunfight may be Peckinpah-lite, but the mannered script manages to raise probing questions about guns and the nature of violence, even if the end result is neither subtle nor totally successful. Extras include a Vinterberg commentary and Von Trier interview.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 9th 2006

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