Death Wish II


British director Michael Winner made his name with the ultra-violent Death Wish franchise, pitting granite-faced Charles Bronson against various criminal lowlifes. Twenty-one years on, it's difficult to imagine this second instalment getting a cinematic release, the knee-jerk sensationalism rabid enough to scare off most tabloid editors.

Setting up Bronson's macho hero as the only thing stopping civilisation from descending into anarchy, Wish retains its notoriety thanks to a couple of dodgy rape scenes (designed to titillate or terrify?). Reactionary trash to be sure, but Winner's effort avoids a one-star rating through his styling of city as urban nightmare and the appearance of Laurence Fishburne as a mugger. Bet he's removed that one from his CV.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 1st 2003

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