Diary Of A Country Priest


Arriving at a rural parish intent on scrubbing clean the soiled souls of his wayward flock, a young curate (Claude Laydu in his debut role) finds his efforts met by indifference and contempt. Unwisely, he ineffectually meddles in the personal affairs of a local family... and then discovers he has stomach cancer. Thankfully, this sublime picture is directed by Robert Bresson, who painstakingly crafts his signature visuals – stark, forceful and rigorous in their attention to detail – to bring a striking luminosity to the bleak events. More talkative than Bresson’s later masterpieces (spoken extracts from the journal referenced in the film’s title form a sometimes distracting voiceover), Diary Of A Country Priest nonetheless succeeds in burrowing deep into its protagonist’s soul, entering through his “faithful dog” eyes. 


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