Diary Of The Dead


Rebooting the Dead series back to year zero, George A Romero’s latest follows a Scooby van full of film students and their teacher as they document the zombie apocalypse around them. It hammers home its points – media saturation is a bad thing, rednecks are not to be trusted – but luckily that’s not all. As scythes, swords and arrows are rammed into shuffling stiffs, it’s clear the 68-year-old director hasn’t lost his flair for gallows humour. A supposed “diary of cruelty”, Diary Of The Dead works much better as a self-aware, six-pack movie than as a scathing social commentary – probing our narcissism and YouTube obsessions is fine but hardly daring. Still, it’s an entertaining splatter film that, for all its occasional stumbles, still exhibits as much brains behind the camera as those sploshed all over it. Copious extras include a commentary from the ever-articulate Don of the Dead and key crew, featurettes and an impressive 90-minute doc.

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