Die Another Day


Bond 20 was supposed to be the biggest, best and blastingest 007 adventure yet. Well, it's certainly the biggest and blastingest, with ambitious director Lee Tamahori ensuring his budget was splurged on some whopping set pieces (the ice-lake car scrap, the earth-melting space-laser chase, the climactic giant jet nosedive). But best? Not quite, especially as Tamahori's vision isn't matched by the technology, with some truly ropey CG moments stuffing up what should have been the most spectacular scenes.

It's good to see the return of the gadgets, but their use is limited, and the action is largely formulaic Bond with a few bells and whistles (slow-motion and speed-ups). Stylistic tics aside, the high points are an attention-snatching credit sequence (where we get to see 007 at his most vulnerable since he had a laser aimed at his nads) and Halle Berry's Jinx, her foxy arse-whupper emerging as the strongest Bond girl of the franchise.

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