Dirty Pretty Things


Directed by Stephen Frears and starring Amèlie's Audrey Tautou, this gritty Brit thriller had the honour of opening last year's London Film Festival. So far, so good. It was also written by the bloke who subjected the world to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Hmmm...

Thankfully, there's no room for a Chris Tarrant cameo, as Frears rifles through the lives of London's illegal immigrant workforce. The main focus is Tautou's Senay and newcomer Chiwetel Ejiofor's Okwe, who both have menial jobs in a plush hotel. It's here that Okwe finds a human heart in a toilet, his first step towards uncovering a horrific exploitation racket.

Creaky at times, powerful at others, this efficiently destroys the capital's postcard image. The tourist board won't like it, but they'll be the only ones.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2003

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