Doctor Who: Season 5


Another successful regeneration...

How do you follow a Doctor Who run as glorious as the David Tennant/Russell T Davies Tardis tenure?

If you’re new boss Steven Moffat, you don’t just continue: you reboot and rejoice in the show’s vintage eccentricities and open-ended possibilities alike. Fast, funny and sometimes frisky, Moffat’s Doctor Who bow is ripping stuff.

The opener sets the fairytale tone with its time-twisting plot, big spooky house, girl in peril, race against the clock and mundane-cum- malign mystery – a “crooked smile” crack in a girl’s wall. From there, the only mild stumbles involve revived villains.

A comic-strip Dalek story rushes its end stretch and the two-part re-awakening of the Silurians/Eocenes seems to stress homage over reinvention.

But other stories match Who’s finest, milking the series’ USP of consistency-via-variety for lively magic: Moffat’s weeping angels two-parter pairs dazzling plotting with zinger-a-second dialogue, Richard Curtis’ Van Gogh riff breaks hearts, Simon Nye’s self-reflexive skit spins heads and Moffat’s two-part climax teases together series-wide strands with breathtaking detail, daring and dashing wit.

And what a cast. Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond busts “clingy companion” clichés; Arthur Darvill’s Rory is a lovely lummox. As for Matt Smith’s doctor, he has us at “Hello!”, springing from a smoking Tardis with mercurial magnificence: at once tender and tetchy, crotchety and cool, warm and wily, ancient and new.

With his “silly old man who stole a box and ran away” soliloquy joining Who’s finest quivery-lip moments, he’s already in orbit with the greatest doctors. Long may Smith and Moffat run.

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    • Dalekbuster523

      Sep 6th 2010, 19:34


      This series is the worst new who series but still very enjoyable.Matt Smith is perfect as the Doctor:Very geeky professor like.Karen Gillian is just extraordinary as his companion,a beautiful girl who is so fiesty and fun to watch with such a strong personality.Arthur Darvill is also good at playing his loveable and great character,Rory Williams. Stories: The eleventh hour-A pefect opener to a good series,this uses a interesting and clever idea of following the companion from little one to grown up and perfectly portrays Amy Pond's life.The Atraxi and Prisoner zero are strong characters and Rory Williams fits into the story well. The Beast Below-Only one word describes this:Rubbish. Victory of the Daleks-A fantastic way of introducing a new set of Daleks which unfortunatley look like novelty playstation controllers.The story plot has been cleverly thought up and Ian Mcneice is perfect at playing Winston Churchill. The time of angels-A bit dissapointing but enjoyable.River Song is annoying in this. Flesh and stone-fantastic 2nd part about the widely loved angels. Vampires in venice-Great romp about vampires that are actually space fish and don't put anything past their Mummies which Rory finds out in a great scene invlolving a broom and a sword. Amy's choice-Literally fantastic.No other words can describe it. The Hungry Earth-Rubbish.The only word that describes it. Cold Blood-better but still nothing to shout about. Vincent and the Doctor-Emotional. The lodger-fantastic and fun but again,this is nothing to shout about. The Pandorica opens-fun,fantastic and a great 1st part to a finale. The Big Bang-Very much like Back to the future making it sub zero fun and a great way to end the series. The Pandorica opens-Perfecto1

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