Doctor Who: Series One


A few months back teatime telly felt familiar again as the Doctor and his wheezing blue box re-materialised on our screens. Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor brought a touch of dash to a character who’s roamed the airwaves since 1963 – his leather jacket, goofy grin and sudden seriousness the perfect foil for Billie Piper’s surprisingly likeable companion, Rose. The temptation for comedy proved a little too strong at times, but 21st-century Doctor Who revitalised what could have been a hokey old formula with sharp scripts, poignant drama and panoramic TV-scale effects.


BEST BIT: A Time Lord, a dark room and an imprisoned enemy in the episode ‘Dalek’: “Doc-torrr? The Doc-toorr? Ex-ter-min-ate!”

Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 21st 2005

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