Marines with Big Fucking Guns mess with killer zombies on the planet Mars in director Andrzej Bartkowiak's big-screen version of one of the world's most popular (and bloody) computer games. Foregoing the chance to make it the explosive, gut-churning brain'n'eyeball-melter it really deserved to be, Bartkowiak instead opts for a disappointingly safe approach which wastes scares and thrills as much as it wastes The Rock (who has to settle for removing his shirt for the laydeez, ordering around co-star Karl Urban and scowling at attacking monsters).

Predictable and bland, the only real excitement in Doom comes from a too-short - yet great fun - "First Person Shooter" sequence (courtesy of Urban's gun-sights), the novelty value of The Rock shucking off his goody-goody image and, well, the end credits.


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