Dr No: Special Edition


The first ever official Bond film, with Sean Connery famously setting the tone of 007's licence to kill by gunning down an unarmed man. The suits, the villain's superbase, the quips, the action sequences and the girls are already in place, making it a simple job for all subsequent Bond directors to churn out indentikit versions every two years or so. This one's memorable for great '60s styling and Ursula Andress' iconic rise from the ocean in that little white bikini.

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    • Stefanher

      Jul 17th 2009, 12:06


      Saw this on Blu-Ray & it looks wonderful although whether it's better than the DVD special edition I don't know. It has fewer features. Yes it has shortcomings but we have to remember that I don't think there had ever been anything quite like this before.... I certainly like it even though it like most Bond films will not exactly stand up to detailed analysis or provide an intellectual challenge.

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