Donnie Yen smashes the clichés of wuxia martial arts movies

Gravity-defying leaps and heavenly swords: the clichés of wuxia martial arts movies are set in stone. 

But Dragon, a bold and sumptuous hybrid of wuxia and detective noir, shatters them with one blow. 

Set in 1917, it stars Donnie Yen as a village craftsman who unexpectedly kills two bad guys in a scuffle. 

Investigating the murders is a bespectacled acupuncturist Xu Bai-Jiu (Takeshi Kaneshiro), who’s convinced the bumpkin hides a dark past. 

Punctuatingits brooding cat-and-mouse pursuit with stunningly choreographed duels and turn-of-the-century CSI-style forensics, this sumptuous wuxia is China’s answer to A History Of Violence. 

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