Drunken Monkey


Old-style kung fu gets an old-style setup in this entertaining, nostalgic release from the once-legendary Shaw Brothers studio. Ageing star Lau Kar-Leung fends off arthritis to headline the impressive chop-socky action, without the aid of any modern conveniences like CGI or wirework.

In this impressive period beat-'em-up set in '30s China, Leung teaches three students the ancient art of `drunken monkey' kung fu in the hope of taking his bloody revenge on the opium smuggler who did him wrong. Riffing on Leung's groundbreaking work on the classic Mad Monkey and Drunken Master movies, it turns out to be a muddled collection of frenzied fights, knockabout slapstick and gooey romance. Still, any picture that features a martial-art move called `Lazy Monkey Piss' gets our hi-ya of approval.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 1st 2004

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