Eagle Vs Shark


“It’s a romantic comedy… in a way,” says Eagle Vs Shark star Jemaine Clement. “Except it’s not very romantic. It’s a not-very-romantic black comedy.” Actually, he’s wrong: as geek-love movies go, this handcrafted, hilarious Kiwi comedy is adorable, from lovelorn Lily’s (Loren Horsley) mirror monologue over the opening to the tear-in-your-eye ending. This isn’t a film where beautiful superstars are inexplicably single, but where understandable losers are slowly, awkwardly drawn together; perhaps by default, but certainly for the better. After a post-fancy dress party bout of bad sex, burger-flipper Lily and videogame nut Jarrod (Clement) become an item. But then Jarrod gets distracted by his mission to ‘kill’ a teenhood bully… 


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